Thinking about changing your supplier? The P50 Extinguisher range represents a new and improved generation of extinguishers. Contact us for a free assessment of your estate.
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Our aim is to revolutionise the fire protection industry cutting costs for British industry.

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Save up to 60%

The P50 offers significant savings across any estate. No up front costs, Low monthly payments, No Maintenance Contract Required.


20 Year Life Cycle

Our multi level patented P50 Extinguisher is the world´s first truly sustainable option and is designed and manufactured in the UK.

Innovative Technology


No Maintenance Contract

The P50 Extinguisher completely removes the need for a standardised maintenance contract.


There are many reasons why the P50 appealed to Heathrow. The Lower Carbon footprint was one.

– Chris Allen, Heathrow Procurement
Made in UK - Reduce distance travelled 0
Longer Life Cycle - 20 Years 0
Sustainable Materials 0
Recyclable 0

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The P50 offers a reduction in the Supply Chain Carbon Footprint. Helping businesses meet the government’s long term carbon reduction rates.


Innovative British product developing significant savings for British industry.

– Former Government Chief Fire Officer, Ken Knight

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