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Complete Guidance For Office Fire Extinguisher

Needless to say, that fire extinguishers are the first equipment people reach out for when there is fire. There are different types of fire extinguishers available for different types of fire. Office Fire extinguishers are designed to combat the different fire of different class. Surely, offices implement the fire protection help guide in case if there is a fire.

Each extinguisher is designed for a certain class of fire. It is important to assess the types of fire that might erupt in the office. However, there are some extinguishers which are capable to fight more than one class of fire. Before understanding the types of fire extinguishers it is important that the types of fire should be known.

Types of Fire:-

Class A: The most common type of fire. Class A includes fire erupted from the wood, trash, cloth and plastic and other ordinary materials.

Class B: Fires erupted from the liquids such as gasoline, paint and oil are included in class B.

Class C: This types of fires are very dangerous. It includes fire due to electrical wires, outlets, and electrical components.

Class D: Fire from the combustible metals such as magnesium, aluminum, sodium, and potassium, also known as chemical fire is included in Class D.

Class K: Fire erupted from the cooking oils and fats are included in the Class K.

To deal with the different types of fires, there are different types of fire extinguisher available as mentioned below:-

Air pressurized Water Fire Extinguisher

Air pressurized water fire extinguisher also known as APW, works very well for the class of fire where the fire is erupted due to wood, paper, cloth, etc or class A. This extinguisher is filled with the mixture of water and pressurized air. Some of them also contain the detergent which creates the foam when released.

This extinguisher is considered to be eco-friendly and is also inexpensive. Every office and the apartment should have this type of extinguisher.

CO2  Fire Extinguisher

The Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is used in the offices, mechanical rooms, computer labs and industrial space because it is safe around electronics. Carbon dioxide is the non-flammable gas that works by displacing oxygen which feeds the fire.

This type of extinguisher is used in the fire which is erupted because of gasoline, solvents and the propane or class B type fire. The main advantage of this extinguisher is that it does not leave behind any residue and it is also considered as the environmentally friendly.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

The wet fire extinguisher is designed for the fire of the class k or for the fire erupted from the cooking oils and the fats. It also works perfectly for the deep fryer and grease fires. This extinguisher uses the potassium acetate as it’s the main element. Every restaurant and the commercial kitchen should have this extinguisher.  

Powder Fire Extinguisher

This type of extinguisher is versatile as they emit the powder. They can successfully extinguish the fires of Class A, B and C. office environment gets much benefit from this extinguisher. It uses sodium bicarbonate as its main element. Powder fire extinguisher can be used in kitchens, garages, and laboratories.

Once the type of fire extinguisher and how many of them need to be purchased is decided then there should be proper storage of the extinguisher. Along with these the office should develop the fire protection services and should train the employees on how to locate them and use them.

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