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Our aim is to revolutionise the fire protection industry cutting costs for British industry.

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How does the P50 Extinguisher save business owners money?

The P50 is an excellent solution to many of the issues the Fire Protection industry faces.

No Maintenance Contracts. No Servicing Charges. No Hidden Fees. Fixed and Stable Costs for your business.

We cannot put it more simply than that!

Tax Benefits: How do I write off the entire monthly costs of my Extinguishers?

With the ability to move your Fire Extinguishers to an OpEx model, the cost of a new Fire Extinguisher becomes another monthly expense. Making it much easier to manage costs and give your company the flexibility option it always needs.

OpEx allows a company to write off the entire monthly expense of a Fire Extinguisher as a day-to-day operating expense. The OpEx model puts your company in a better position when it comes time to pay taxes, as you will be able to take a larger deduction based on the amount accrued from the total number of monthly payments.

Fundamentally your business will pay less corporation tax giving you more money to invest back into the important parts of the business.

How does the P50 Extinguisher reduce the number of extinguishers required on site?

The powerful P50 will reduce the number of extinguishers required on your premises as it covers multiple risks. Multi-risk extinguishers avoid confusion in a panic situation.

We offer a Free Replacement in the Eventuality of a Real fire.

As part of our dedication to better ways of working. In the eventuality of a real fire where a P50 Extinguisher is discharged, STON will replace and refurbish this extinguisher completely free of charge to your business.

The P50 Extinguisher comes with a 10 Year Guarantee & has a 20 Year lifecycle.

The P50 Extinguisher is a new generation of fire extinguisher that has a 20 year lifecycle and a 10 year guarantee. As part of a full service wrap, your extinguishers can be swapped at year 10 with a new P50 Extinguisher. Unlike other companies, our extinguishers will not go to landfill. Instead they are removed and refurbished as new, ready for another 10 years of service.

This  means a drastic reduction in the amount of extinguishers and parts imported into the United Kingdom from foreign countries. Not to mention, when the P50 finally finishes its 20 year life cycle, it will be recycled and made into other useful products rather than sent to landfill.

Can the P50 Extinguisher be recycled?

The P50 Extinguisher is an excellent example of circular economy. Where by a product is created to fulfill a function for as long as possible. At the end of its life cycle, the product should be recycled and the energy converted into a new function.


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