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Our aim is to revolutionise the fire protection industry cutting costs for British industry.

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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Safety

Fire Safety is never an option, but how you conduct it, and the price you pay for it certainly is!

Am I Responsible?

Yes! Your business requires the appropriate procedures & measures in place in the event of an incident.

What do I need to do?

Risk Assessments? Surveys? Which extinguishers? What signs are required? Demystify the industry.

How STON can help.

We undertake all forms of Fire Risk Assessment and will advise you fairly through the process.

There are Approximately 50,000 House Fires each Year in the UK

We Specialise in Fire Safety

Our aim is to offer a cost effective, professional and easy response to safety problems.

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Business Premises

Legal responsibility for complying with Fire Safety regulations rests with the 'responsible person'.


A contractor with a degree of control over any premises must carry out a fire safety risk assessment.

Selling Property

If you are selling a flat/premises it is usually a condition of sale to have a fire survey carried out.


When you open to the public, fire safety precautions must be in place. This includes volunteers & staff.


If you are an owner/manager/landlord of residential flats then you will be required to carry out a fire risk assessment.

Self Employed

All employers and self employed people must assess the risks at work.

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