Thinking about changing your supplier? The P50 Extinguisher range represents a new and improved generation of extinguishers. Contact us for a free assessment of your estate.
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Our aim is to revolutionise the fire protection industry cutting costs for British industry.

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The Best Protection, for the Right Price.

The P50 is changing the Fire Protection industry for the better – Call us for a free consultation. 

No Maintenance Contracts. Controlled costs. Long term savings. Eco Friendly and Sustainable solution that never goes to landfill. There is a better way. The time for change is now.

Innovative British Product

One Extinguisher that Fights Multiple Risks

The P50 is designed to cover multiple risks. Eliminate the need for multiple types of extinguishers throughout your premises. Time Saving, Cost Saving, Life Saving Technology to bring your Fire Protection into the 21st Century.

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Opex Rental Scheme & Tax Benefits

Long term and stable costs. No up front fees, no maintenance costs, and low monthly payments. Keep your businesses money in your account, and never pay a penny more than what is agreed!

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