Thinking about changing your supplier? The P50 Extinguisher range represents a new and improved generation of extinguishers. Contact us for a free assessment of your estate.
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Our aim is to revolutionise the fire protection industry cutting costs for British industry.

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P50 Fire Extinguishers


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Cut Costs upto 60% with P50 Extinguishers

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A New & Improved Generation of Extinguishers


The P50 Extinguisher range offers massive cost saving benefits, reduced weight and a lower environmental impact, making it the first truly sustainable option. Your P50 also comes with a 10 Year Guarantee and no Maintenance contract is required. This is twice the life of a normal extinguisher and up to 60% savings! Not to mention the Tax Benefits where we can help you write off the entire cost of this fire protection as a day to day operational cost and ensure you save as much as possible.

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Traditional metal fire extinguishers typically come with parts imported from Asia and with the P50 we will instantly see a reduction in supply chain carbon footprint.

- Chris Allen, Heathrow procurement

The Opex Rental Scheme allows us to write off the entire monthly expense of a fire extinguisher as a day to day operating expense.

- Alice Simone, CHM Construction Institute

Innovative British product developing significant savings for British Industry

- Ken Knight, Former Government Chief Fire Officer

No Service Contract

The P50 only requires a simple annual maintenance check by staff members. No costly service contract is required.

10 Year Guarantee

This revolutionary extinguisher has a 10 year operational guarantee and only needs a single refill every 20 years.

Fights Multiple Risks

Save money and avoid confusion in a panic situation. Our P50 reduces the extinguishers required on site as it covers multiple risks.

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The P50 fights multiple types of fires, reducing the number of extinguishers required on site. No service contract required. 20 Year Lifecycle.

Opex Rental Scheme

Low Monthly Payments, Write off all the Costs

Fire Protection should never be an unpredictable cost. Why take lump sums out of your businesses vital cash flow? Low Monthly Costs, No Upfront Fees, No Maintenance Contracts.

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Lower Cost

Circular Economy

20 Year Life Cycle


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