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Harrow College potential big savings from the P50

Harrow College potential big savings from the P50

P50s were installed across Harrow College’s two largest campuses. Harrow on the Hill & Harrow Weald.

An annual fire extinguisher service revealed a large amount of remedial work was required at both campuses, including the costly replacement of a large number of extinguishers.

Ian Kavanagh, estates manager at Harrow College, looked at how future costs could be reduced by installing P50 extinguishers at these sites.

“I was very impressed with the P50s and potential savings they offered,” Ian said.

“Safelincs provided me with clear, honest information and I was happy to place an order.”

The total cost to swap over to the P50 extinguishers was not much greater than the quotations received from the previous servicing company.

The Major savings will be made through a vast reduction in maintenance costs.

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