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Our aim is to revolutionise the fire protection industry cutting costs for British industry.

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The P50 Fire Extinguisher everyone needs to know about.

The market is about to set ablaze a new P50 fire extinguisher range that is packed with a 10 Year Warranty on all its range, and exclusive only to Britannia. The manufacturing site is located in the United Kingdom, and this product is one of the best known, well-appraised fire extinguishers in the industry today.

This new fire extinguisher has now been released on the market and is raise-marked to EN3 quality. A great value for money, one of its best qualities is it’s being superiorly maintenance free. It requires NO annual engineer visits or product refill for about 10 service years, hence adding value for savings year after year.

Each product is well built in material and processing and is designed to endure years of superior performance and quality. Molten lead bath coats its steal body to ensure it is corrosion free and rust resistant. An annual check of litmus paper for soda acidity is run to ensure its no acid state. The extinguisher hulks are built for strength and can be tuned with all standard type of tools.

High-Quality Fire Extinguishers

With its robust head aperture, it is assured that the extinguishers will not get easily dented in transit and delivery. And what is even more amazing is its competitive price that can go head to head with all other leading brands.

This is a new and upgraded generation of fire extinguishers. With its massive cost reducing qualities, lightweight, and environment-friendly prowess, the P50 extinguishers are surely a sustainable selection that gives the performance and saving combo benefit for its users.

This Extinguisher really is taking the Fire Protection Industry by storm and saving companies all over the country a lot of time an money

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